Xi Jinping tells armed forces to prepare for war

President Xi Jinping urged the armed forces to prepare for combat and war. According to the Chinese leader, the country is facing unprecedented risks and challenges.

According to the Chinese leader, quoted by the state-owned news agency Xinhua, the military must have a correct understanding of China's security and development trends, strengthen their sense of hardship, crisis and battle, and prepare to carry out the tasks assigned by the party and the people.

Xi Jinping's speech was delivered on Friday, at a meeting of the Central Military Commission (CMC), which he chairs. The speech was broadcast on national television, the agency said.

"The world is facing a period of great, unprecedented change, and China is going through an important period of strategic opportunity for development," Xi Jinping said.

So he ordered the armed forces to prepare for a comprehensive military struggle and to open new avenues for the development of a strong army.

Xi Jinping also signed off the first CMC command of 2019, kick-starting a year of enhanced military exercises.