United States offers permanent residence only for the non-poor

Change demands immigrants to be self-sufficient

Rule takes effect in mid-October and will reject applications that do not meet the income requirements.

On Monday (12), President Donald Trump's government issued a new rule that could lead to hundreds of thousands of people being denied permanent residence for being too poor. The rule takes effect in mid-October and will reject temporary or permanent visa applications for those who do not meet the income requirements or are under any public aid program such as social security, meal vouchers, public housing or Medicaid, the public health program for low-income citizens.

The change states that immigrants must be "self-reliant" by "not relying on public resources to fulfill their needs, and that they should use their own capabilities, in addition to the resources from family members, sponsors and private organizations." This can be read in a statement published by the government in the Official Gazette.

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