Texas denies having called Bolsonaro to pay homage: "He invited himself"

Bolsonaro with former US President, Republican George W. Bush

Representative of the World Affairs Council of Dallas, denied having invited the President of Brazil to be honored. And the mayor of Dallas refuses to greet Bolsonaro.

The Personality of the Year Award, due to be delivered today to the President of Brazil at the World Affairs Council (WCA) headquarters in Dallas, will no longer be delivered. WAC President Jorge Baldor denied the Dallas Voice website invited Jair Bolsonaro: "He's invited himself." And he assured: "Bolsonaro will not receive a prize", which contradicts the program of this second visit of the Brazilian Head of State to the United States, which expressly indicated a ceremony at the end of today to receive the prize of the Chamber of Commerce Brazil-United States after New York refused to host the event.

In fact, the award was delivered by the agency in New York on Tuesday but without the presence of Bolsonaro, who canceled it after the civic protests and the declarations of the mayor of New York, Democrat Bill de Blasio.

Dallas mayor Mike Rawlings of the Democratic Party has refused to officially greet Bolsonaro and has already assured he will not be present at any lunch or other event involving the President of Brazil.

Jorge Baldor explained that the World Affairs Council has a contract with the Texas city of Dallas to receive foreign dignitaries but that, in the specific case, there is no political forum scheduled and Bolsonaro will only have lunch with businessmen.

"The WCA did not send any invitation to Bolsonaro," Baldor said. "I personally did not address any invitation. I did not want him here. "

Meanwhile, on the social network Twitter, Bolsonaro has posted photos of moments in Texas with influential personalities like Republican Senator Ted Cruz or former US President George W. Bush.