Public funds pay for 'Lula Livre'

Disguised money. The Workers' Party's accounts destroy the main argument used by the Free Lula movement

Documents obtained by ISTOÉ show that the Workers' Party movement, launched in April 2018 to demand the release of former President Lula, uses money from the Party Fund. Amount can reach R$1 million

The 'Lula Livre' ('Free Lula') movement was created to pressure the judiciary to free former Brazilian President Lula da Silva, who has been detained in Curitiba since April last year. The Brazilian Workers' Party has always claimed that this is a grassroots movement that depends on contributions from generous party members or loyal trade unions.

However, documents obtained by ISTOÉ show that the movement would not be able to stand up and make its voice heard across Brazil if it did not have access to public resources. The accounts submitted by the Workers' Party to the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) show that the PT used Party Fund money - that is, public money - to pay for air tickets, hotel rooms and food so that party members could go to Curitiba and request the former president's release, as well as to rent cars or meeting rooms, and even to hire security guards for 'Lula Livre' events. In particular, for the camp near the Curitiba Police headquarters.

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