Police charge over protesters and China accuses US of instigating protests

Hong Kong police charged using peppermint gas and stampeding on the demonstrators who are next to the Legislative Council. The Chinese government warns that these protests are being organized and promoted by "powerful foreign forces."

Police in Hong Kong charged protesters in one of the areas where they had access to the local Legislative Council, where the debate on the controversial extradition law should have begun this morning.

Police also launched pepper spray to force protesters to disperse.

Lusa found there were wounded on the scene, prompting protesters to open aisles to allow medical teams to assist people lying on the ground.

Some protesters tried to stop the advance of the police with bars, but the overwhelming majority put their hands in the air.

Others began distributing protection masks against tear gas.

This is the culmination of a moment of tension over the last few hours lived in central Hong Kong, where hundreds of thousands of demonstrators were concentrated in protest against the bill, whose debate in the Legislative Council (LegCo, local parliament) should have started this morning.

The Chinese government has reacted, however, through the official Chinese Communist Party (PCC) newspaper describing the Hong Kong protests as "violent" against the proposed law allowing extraditions to China, attributing them to the interference of "powerful foreign forces".

In one of the few references to protests in the Chinese press, the Global Times, the English newspaper of the People's Daily group, the central body of the PCC, held that "without the interference of powerful foreign forces, especially of the United States, opposition groups would not have the ability to carry out such violent incidents in Hong Kong. "

The newspaper cites several Hong Kong news portals near the central Government to describe the protesters as "extremist separatists" armed with "bottles filled with gas and paint, tools, iron bars and catapults to attack the police".

In a protest against the document, thousands of demonstrators gathered in the immediate surroundings of the Hong Kong Legislative Council, which was preparing to discuss the proposed extradition law.

It was the second mass demonstration in the territory, within a few days.

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