On Twitter, Bolsonaro calls general who criticized him as "watermelon"

President Jair Bolsonaro speaks at a solemnity marking 200 days of government at the Planalto Palace on Thursday (18)

President Jair Bolsonaro used Twitter to call reserve general Luiz Rocha Paiva as "watermelon"

A member of the Amnesty Commission, Paiva told Coluna do Estadão that Bolsonaro was "unpatriotic" and "incoherent" in criticizing northeastern governors. "The Northeast is the cradle of Brazil. Did you know that, president? "

In his reply, Bolsonaro wrote: "We unintentionally discovered a watermelon, defender of the Araguaia Guerrilla, in the 21st century." Pejorative, the term is used to define who would be "green" (olive green, of military) outside and "red" (left wing) inside.

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