Minister for the Environment argues that Brazil's should remain a signatory of the Paris Agreement.

Ricardo Salles, incoming minister of the environment, is seen at the ceremony delivering the certificate acknowledging the victory of the presidential election to Jair Bolsonaro (not pictured) in Brasilia, Brazil December 10, 2018. Picture taken December 10, 2018. REUTERS/Adriano Machado.

Ricardo Salles argued that Brazil should remain in the Paris Agreement, which sets targets for reducing greenhouse gases. Bolsonaro threatened to leave

The Minister for the Environment, Ricardo Salles, argues that Brazil should not abandon the Paris Agreement and states that he believes the country will remain a signatory of this document, which sets targets for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. President Jair Bolsonaro (PSL) threatened to leave the agreement unless changes were made.

"We do not need to get out of the climate agreement, we must be very careful and know how to identify advancement opportunities for partnerships and resources that come from this agenda, and on the other hand, identify risks that we have to avoid from international interference on the territory, agriculture and genetic heritage", the minister said in an interview with Radio Eldorad, on Friday, 11.

"The climate agreement is not totally bad nor good. It's an umbrella under which we can do good things and avoid bad ones, and I believe it is a line we need to follow."

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