João Lourenço has already changed more than half of the province governors

João Lourenço exonerated six of the 18 province governors of Angola today

After having replaced 5 of the 18 province governors on September of 2017, the Angolan president is exonerating another six today.

Today, João Lourenço exonerated, by decree, six province governors. Almost completing one year in office, the president of Angola has already changed 10 of the 18 province governors. On 28 September 2017, João Lourenço decided to replace the governors of five provinces - Luanda, Cabinda, Uige, Lunda Sul and Moxico - in one of the first measures of his term.

The exonerations announced today, through a note from the Civil House of the President of the Republic, are motivated by "convenience of service", reports the Lusa news agency, and will take place in the provinces of Bié, Cunene, Huambo, Huíla, Zaire and again Lunda Sul for which, in September of 2017 João Lourenço appointed Ernesto Fernando Kiteculo. He is now being replaced by Daniel Félix Neto.

In other provinces, Alvaro Boavida Neto, elected on Saturday as MPLA secretary general, is leaving the provincial government of Bié and will be replaced by Pereira Alfredo, while former Defense Minister Kundi Paihama, one of the historical Angolan generals, is passing the leadership of the province of Cunene to Virgílio da Ressurreição Adriano Tyova.

João Baptista Kussumua, another historical member of the party and former minister, is leaving Huambo, replaced by Joana Lina Ramos Baptista Cândido.

The provincial government of Huíla is no longer led by Joao Marcelino Tyipinge, in office since 2012, and will now be in the hands of Luís Manuel da Fonseca Nunes, while in Zaire, José Joanes André, also in office since 2012 (among other governmental functions), is also stepping down, and giving way to Pedro Makita Armando Júlia.

It should be noted that the exonerations of the six governors follow the reform of the Secretariat of the MPLA Political Bureau, with the new ten members of the leadership to take office on Monday, after the election of João Lourenço as leader of the Popular Movement of the Liberation of Angola (MPLA, currently in power) at the Sixth Extraordinary Congress of the party, held on Saturday.