Jean Wyllys tours abroad, says 'stupidity virus' has hit part of Brazil

Former Federal MP Jean Wyllys (PSOL-RJ), who decided to flee the country after receiving death threats

Almost one month after resigning and leaving the country under threat, former Federal MP Jean Wyllys gives lectures across Europe.

He started in Berlin, where he is living with the help of some friends, and says he has been invited for talks in Portugal, France, Sweden, and Canada. "Not everyone has been contaminated by the stupidity and prejudice virus that has infected Brazil's new government and part of the voters who applaud it," he told Folha on Monday (Feb 18), shortly before giving a talk at the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, associated with the German party The Left. A few hours later, he gave a press conference in the same venue to criticize the new administration's security policy.

"The current Minister of Justice wants to legalize and expand the possibility of murdering people. Behind it, in fact, lies an attempt to legalize oppression against political opposition to Bolsonaro's administration," he told Radio France International.

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