Half of Dallas city councilors reject Bolsonaro visit

Jair Bolsonaro

City councilors from the Texan city signed a letter against the Brazilian president's visit. They criticize Bolsonaro for his positions on LGBT rights, Amerindians, and blacks

Jair Bolsonaro flew to Dallas, Texas, on Tuesday, and on that same day, half of the city's 14 councilors signed a letter against the Brazilian president's visit, O Globo reports.

In the letter, the city's councilors criticize Bolsonaro's positions on issues such as the rights of LGBT groups, Amerindians and blacks. The reasons are similar to those that led New York Mayor Bill de Blasio (Dem.) to say that Bolsonaro would not be welcomed in the country's largest city.

According to the Brazilian newspaper, the councilors' letter states that receiving Bolsonaro in the city causes a "profound disappointment" with the World Affairs Council of Dallas, where Bolsonaro will be honored tomorrow by the Brazil-US Chamber of Commerce, which has chosen him as 'Personality of the Year'. The ceremony was supposed to have taken place in New York, but after several 'Big Apple' locations declined to host the event, and following the mayor' s statements against the Brazilian President, Bolsonaro decided to cancel his attendance.