Haddad avoids crying and extols PT unity before replacing Lula

Fernando Haddad (PT) was announced as the party's presidential candidate; Manuela D'Ávila is his Vice President

Fernando Haddad (PT) was advised to control his emotions, but he could hardly contain his tears when he announced that he would be replacing Lula in the presidential race.

His 'godfather' will be virtually active during his presidential campaign. He wants all Lula supporters on his side. A few days before taking office, Haddad said he finally felt that the party was united. "This is like an army, everyone in line, hitting the sword against the shield, and waiting to enter the battlefield," he said.

Haddad's supporters say that the former São Paulo mayor is willing to mention Lula's name on every opportunity. PT leaders will devote the next few days to adjusting the new candidate's schedule in order to optimize his exposure to Lula supporters.

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