Flávio Bolsonaro will have washed money in the purchase of 19 real estate

Flávio Bolsonaro

Veja Magazine had access to documents from the Public Prosecutor's Office about how the President's son covered up unlawful gains when he was a member of the Rio Assembly.

Rio de Janeiro's Public Prosecutor's Office (MP) sees signs that Senator Flávio Bolsonaro, the son of the President Jair Bolsonaro, has bought and sold real estate to launder money, according to Veja magazine in Wednesday's edition. Between 2010 and 2017, while still a state deputy, Flávio invested 9.425 million reais (2.1 million euros) in the purchase of 19 properties between rooms and apartments, and earned 3,089 million euros (668,000 euros) in these real estate transactions.

In a confidential document obtained by Veja, the Attorney General's Office, which obtained in court a breach of bank and tax secrecy of 95 people and companies related to the senator, identified "suspicions of under-billing in purchases and over-sales" in real estate. For the MP, fraud may have occurred to "simulate fictitious capital gains" in order to cover up "the illicit enrichment resulting from diversion of resources" from the Rio Legislative Assembly (ALERJ).

Flávio Bolsonaro's real estate operations were disclosed by Folha de S. Paulo newspaper in January last year, before the elections. Now, the MP says that these movements indicate that the office of the then state deputy has committed the crimes of embezzlement, money washing and criminal organization.

The Court of Justice of Rio de Janeiro authorized the bank and tax secrecy breach of Flávio Bolsonaro on April 24. The Public Ministry investigates the suspicion that the President's son was recovering part of the salary of the employees, among them the late Fabrício de Queiroz, in a practice popularly known as "rachadinha" or "Rachid." The senator tried, without success, to stop the investigation in the Federal Supreme Court claiming privileged forum.