Education Minister mulls the militarization of attacked Suzano school

Tribute to the victims of the school massacre in Suzano, Sao Paulo

Minister Ricardo Velez Rodríguez is studying the possibility of implementing the civic-military model at Raul Brasil school in Suzano, where a recent massacre killed 10 people

Although the school is run by the Sao Paulo state network, the minister says its militarization will be discussed with Suzano Mayor Rodrigo Ashiuchi on Monday (March 25). The recent massacre in the school (March 13) killed 10 people.

Bolsonaro's administration wants to expand the number of schools co-managed by the Military Police. In fact, this was one of the campaign's priorities for the education area. Earlier this year, the Ministry of Education was restructured in order to create a new subsecretariat for the promotion of civic-military schools.

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