Conflict in the CAR has no end in sight and is similar to Syria's

The conflict is being internationalized and becoming like the war in Syria, warns the NGO Enough Project

The political and military situation in the Central African Republic (CAR) continues to degrade as the conflict, which seemed to be a civil war, is now being internationalized and becoming like the war in Syria, the ONG said. In its report, Enough Project highlighted the importance of the conflict's internationalization. The conflict "has no end in sight," "the country has become unmanageable" and is now "sinking into a structural crisis," wrote analyst Nathalia Dukhan.

Given the prevalence of violence, traditional political actors are given the following choice: "Either they leave the stage or take part in the violence," Nathalia Dukhan said. In the report, which provides details on the 18 armed groups that are fighting for the country's natural resources and power, Dukkan argues that "political-criminal entrepreneurship has become deeply rooted and is a flourishing activity." On the other hand, the proliferation of these groups, which attract young people from rural areas and mercenaries from neighboring countries, coupled with a burgeoning transnational arms and natural resources trafficking market, "poses very serious risks to the entire Central African region." But Dukhan shuns the 'religious warfare' perspective through which some analysts read the CAR conflict.

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