China urges the United States to stop attacks on Huawei

Tension has risen between Trump and Xi Jinping

On Tuesday, China urged the United States to stop its practices against Chinese companies after the US President has prohibited US firms from using Huawei equipment.

"No one sees this measure as constructive or friendly and we ask the US to stop such practices," said the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, Lu Kang, in a news conference.

Kang said that Beijing "opposes the countries that create obstacles by using the issue of national security as an excuse" and ensured that foreign companies operating in the Asian country "do not need to worry as long as they comply with the laws".

The US government issued today an executive order prohibiting US companies from using any telecommunications equipment manufactured by Huawei.

Putting Huawei in the "blacklist" would have "cascading effects" around the world, considered Samm Sacks, a cybersecurity expert of the New America research unit, headquartered in Washington, cited by the newspaper Financial Times.

"The networks in Europe, Africa and Asia that depend on Huawei equipment will feel the impact, because Huawei depends on components provided by the US", he said.

Paul Triolo, a technology policy expert at the Eurasia Group, said the decision was a "big step," which will not only harm the Chinese company, but will also have an "impact" on global supply chains involving North American companies such as Intel, Microsoft, Oracle or Qualcomm.

"The US have openly declared a technological war against China", he said.