Caetano Veloso is called a 'scoundrel' in a criminal complaint by Olavo de Carvalho

The Brazilian singer Caetano Veloso

Registered after an article published in Folha, the document cites libel and slander and insult.

The writer Olavo de Carvalho, guru of Jair Bolsonaro, filed a criminal complaint against Caetano Veloso after an article published by the musician on Folha. The document asks Caetano to respond for the crimes of slander, defamation and railing.

Olavo's attorney, Francisco Carlos Cabrera, who signs the petition, refers to the musician as a "scoundrel," a "delinquent transvestite columnist," and says that Caetano claims to have been exiled (during the dictatorship), "but never showed a document".

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