Brazilian women united against Bolsonaro

Jair Bolsonaro during the first presidential debate of 2018

"Women against Bolsonaro" serves as title to three groups created on facebook. In all, there are more than 830 thousand Brazilians who have already joined.

The attack on Jair Bolsonaro did not calm the Brazilian's moods against the PSL candidate to the Brazilian presidential candidates, the first round taking place on October 7th. Created on August 30th on facebook, the group "United Women Against Bolsonaro!!!" gained more visibility after Bolsonaro was stabbed and joins more than 810,000 Brazilians, a figure that grows with each passing minute (this morning, in Portugal, the numbers were around 760,000).

Aimed at the "union of women of all Brazil (and the ones who live abroad)," in its presentation, the group explains its objectives: "Against the advance and strengthening of machismo, misogyny and other types of prejudices represented by the candidate" Jair Bolsonaro and his constituents. We believe that this scenario that threatens our achievements and rights is a great opportunity for us to recognize ourselves as women. This is a great opportunity to unite! To recognize our strength! The recognition of the strength of the union of us women can direct the future of this country! Welcome those who identify with the growth of this movement."

For tomorrow, Friday, the group is planning a public demonstration" to combat the threat that is the election of Jair Bolsonaro," on Avenida Paulista in São Paulo. Because, as they defend, they intend to "promote, as long as there is time, manifestations of repudiation of this candidate's ideas."

Battle of the sexes

Ibope's first poll on the presidential intentions after Jair Bolsolano's (PSL) stabbing shows that his electorate has become more faithful. Revealed on Tuesday (11), the results show that the percentage of Bolsonaro supporters who say their choice is "definitive and will not change at all" jumped 13 percentage points when compared to the values of the previous survey, dated from September 5th.

At that time, the percentage was 41% of the candidate's electorate and now the figure is 54%.

And as highlighted by the executive director of Ibope Intelligence, Marcia Cavallari, the candidate of the PSL "is the only candidate who has an absolute majority of their voters affirming that it is a final decision."

Jair Bolsonaro was stabbed last Thursday, September 6th, while participating in a street campaign in Juiz de Fora, and Ibope interviews on voting intentions were held between Saturday and Monday.

And if the increased confidence in the PSL candidate was a direct reaction to the attack suffered, then the men felt more the pains of Bolsonaro than the women. According to Ibope data, the candidate rose 7% in the male segment of the electorate, from 28% to 35%. On the feminine side, the oscillation was only two points, reaching the 18% of the voting intention of the Brazilian women.

A week ago, 61% of those willing to vote for Bolsonaro were men, and now that percentage has risen to 64%.

Ibope heard 2,002 voters in 145 counties across Brazil. The margin of error of the survey is two percentage points, more or less. The confidence level is 95%. Registration in the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) was done under protocol BR-05221 /2018. The research was funded by Ibope itself.