Bolsonaro will appeal to Italy to prevent attacks by bishops

Jair Bolsonaro

The Synod on the Amazon promoted by Pope Francis will take place in October, in Rome. Bolsonaro fears attacks by the "progressive clergy" on his environmental and social policy

The Planalto Palace, home to the Brazilian government, will use its diplomatic relations with Italy as part of a strategy to fight the so-called "progressive clergy," the Estado de S. Paulo newspaper reported. Bolsonaro's team of advisors will try to persuade the Italian government to intercede with the Holy See to avoid attacks on the Brazilian government's environmental and social policy during the Synod of Bishops on Amazon that will be promoted by Pope Francis, in Rome, in October.

According to the same newspaper, the Planalto Palace wants to stop what it considers to be the Catholic Church's leadership of the Brazilian opposition, after the leftist parties lost their prominence. During the 23 days of the Synod, the discussions will involve topics such as the situation of the indigenous people and climate change on the planet, which are considered by Planalto as "left-wing agendas."

Brazil's ambassadors to Italy and the Vatican will now have the task of pressing the Church's leadership to minimize the damage that the criticism of Bolsonaro's policies could have in an event like the Synod, which has international media coverage.

Brazil has had a good moment of diplomatic relations with Italy since President Bolsonaro made all efforts to secure the arrest of Cesare Battisti, the former left-wing activist who was convicted of four murders in Italy in the 1970's, and who was arrested in Bolivia on the night of January 12 by an Interpol team of Italian and Brazilian agents.