Angolan public administrators forced to declare assets and income

President of Angola, João Lourenço

The measure is justified by "the need to foster a culture of probity and accountability" of the public servants involved in processes of preparation and execution of state contracts.

The President of Angola, João Lourenço, approved before the end of the year, the Regulation on Declarations of Goods and Income, Interests, Impartiality, Confidentiality and Independence in the Formation and Execution of Public Contracts (DICI), integrated in the Moralization Strategy in Public Procurement.

João Lourenço has inscribed in the diploma, which is in force since December 31, that this will be applied to "officials, administrative agents or workers and managers of Public Contracting Entities, technicians in charge of preparing the parts and other documents of the procedure, such as members of the Evaluation Committee, as well as the technicians in charge of the management and execution of the contract."

Thus, they must complete the DICI for the "identification of companies, groups of companies, consortia or associations in which they have a conflict of interest in the circumstance that they enter into business with institutions under the direction of the public administrators, without prejudice to the Declaration required by the Public Probity Law "

The same statute indicates that the Declaration of Goods and Income must be filled at the beginning of each fiscal year, in the case of public administrators and civil servants, and at the beginning of the mandate in the case of holders of political positions.