Angolan Parliament passes new law on national flag, insignia, anthem

The law establishing deference in the use of Angola's national flag, insignia and anthem was passed today in Parliament, with 131 favorable votes from the MPLA and part of the opposition, and 56 abstentions from UNITA.

The Angolan Government's proposal was approved during the 3rd extraordinary plenary session of the 1st legislative session of the 4th legislature of the National Parliament. One of its goals is to "foster widespread knowledge of, respect for, and uniform use of national symbols."

During the final voting on the new law, which also aims at creating more constitutional mechanisms focusing on national symbols, the MPLA (People's Movement for the Liberation of Angola, currently in power) stated that the document is a "positive element for the appreciation and historical acknowledgment of the country."

"The passing of this law is a positive factor in this collective effort, and only thus will we be assured of raising our citizens' patriotic awareness, of celebrating and acknowledging our history and our cultural identity," said MP Nuno Carnaval (MPLA).

Despite "disagreeing" with the fact that one of the symbols - the national flag - is "similar to the MPLA flag", the CASA-CE (Broad Convergence for the Salvation of Angola - Electoral Coalition) voted in favor of the document.