I never see Lula as an obstacle to anything, said Flávio Dino

Flávio Dino during the interview

Flávio Dino during the interview

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Governor of Maranhão said that PT's presence is fundamental in building a union of the Left.

The governor of Maranhão, Flávio Dino, spoke about creating a left-wing union for the next elections, during an interview with Canal Livre. The PC of B politician stressed the importance of Lula's involvement in the process.

'I am not a member of PT, but I respect PT, PT members, their great history, and I respect their great leader, Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, one of the top leaders in Brazilian history, the president with the highest approval rating in history', he said.

'I never see him as an obstacle to anything, because I consider that, at this time, any Brazilian watching us, has seen strong evidence that, unfortunately, the lawsuit against former President Lula suffered from serious judicial vices, which eliminated the main guarantee of any citizen, which is the right to a fair trial, presided over by an impartial judge, who is not a partner of one of the parties, who does not advise one of the parties', he added.

Despite the speech opposing Ciro Gomes, who has criticized PT, Dino stressed that it is important that the PDT candidate is also involved in the creation of this alliance.

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