Hundreds of people sing the anthem of the Hong Kong protests in Catalan

Dozens of Catalan activists gather in front of Chinese consulate in Barcelona

Dozens of Catalan activists gather in front of Chinese consulate in Barcelona


Hundreds of people gathered in Barcelona and, accompanied by a piano, sang the Hong Kong protest anthem in Catalan to demand democracy in Spain and China

"Glory to Hong Kong" is the name of the march that hundreds of people chanted, including music students and professional singers, before the Chinese consulate in Barcelona, in a concentration called by the "Picnic for the Republic" organization.

The gathering took place at 1:00 PM (12:00 in Lisbon) at the same time as another demonstration in support of the Catalonian independence movement that took place in Hong Kong, 7PM (12:00 in Lisbon). The demonstration was broadcast via a giant message screen filled with messages of support and solidarity.

Catalan National Assembly (ANC) president Elisenda Paluzie, who participated in the demonstration, explained that the Hong Kong movement has organized a concentration in support for Catalonia and the Catalan activists who, in her opinion, "are being repressed by the police and the Spanish judicial system. "

Elisenda Paluzie said that on Tuesday they contacted some groups demanding democracy in Hong Kong and decided to hold a demonstration at the same time.

The message they want to convey with this curious action is to show "solidarity among the peoples fighting for their fundamental, democratic and self-determining rights," Paluzie added.

After singing the Hong Kong protest anthem, protesters spoke directly to the city and exchanged messages of support.

During the gathering, posters were distributed with messages for the liberation of Hong Kong and messages of solidarity, and others that, in English, asked Asian and Catalan citizens to "stand up" for their rights.

Also in Hong Kong, hundreds of people gathered today to express solidarity and support the "struggle" of the "Catalan counterparts" for "freedom."


After this moment, a large screen placed at the scene showed images of the Spanish police attacking the protesters in Catalonia, a Spanish autonomous community that witnessed violent riots and major independence demonstrations last week.

Some people waved Catalan flags and chanted slogans like "Support Hong Kong, Support Catalonia."

The recent protests in Catalonia also echoed in Hong Kong and drew the attention of many in that administrative region of China, which for the past four months has also been the scene of major demonstrations and clashes between protesters and police forces.