Hong Kong police bans demonstration expected for Sunday

Hong Kong police today banned a demonstration scheduled to take place on Sunday, by the Civic Human Rights Front, for public safety reasons.

As on previous occasions, the police claimed that this type of concentrations tend to give rise to violent incidents.

The Front, responsible for the demonstrations that led to the street, according to organization data contested by by the police, one million people on June 9, two million on June 16 and 1.7 million on August 18, the latter also having been banned by the police, has already announced that it will appeal the decision, although it said it did not expect a positive response.

In a statement posted on the social network Twitter, the Civic Front pointed out that "the objection of the police implies a ban against citizens who want to express their objection to police violence".

Every time the police refuse to authorize a demonstration, the population has continued to spontaneously take to the streets, and many of these makeshift protests end in clashes between police officers and radical groups.

The march was to be held in the Tsim Sha Tsui area of Kowloon.

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