Ho Iat Seng rejects Macau cash checks increase

Ho Iat Seng

Ho Iat Seng

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The policy of wealth distribution is to continue, but any possibility of increasing the share that is distributed to the population is set aside. In an interview with TDM's Ou Mun Channel, the new Chief Executive says that the 10,000 patacas are already part of family budgets but makes it clear that it is the maximum ceiling that public coffers can offer.

"Our government has been developing rapidly in recent years. Prices have also gone up a lot. In this case, subsidies to residents are not excessive, right? But this is the limit, they can't be higher. I heard several citizens mention those who are not local and live outside the city. At that time, I also considered whether we should review the mechanism. But now many people live in the Great Bay area, what should we do? If he or she lives in the Great Bay, and we don't give them the 10,000 patacas, is it wrong?" he says.

Asked about the policy of banning the importation of labor to fill the places of croupiers or public transport drivers, Ho Iat Seng considers it a policy to be maintained, at least for now. Still, he notes that excessive protection can have a perverse effect, especially on the young.

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