Ho Iat Seng accuses Alexis Tam of waste of resources

Alexis Tam

Alexis Tam

  |  Gonçalo Lobo Pinheiro

Without measuring his words, the new Chief Executive harshly attacks the former Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture. In an interview with TDM's Ou Mun channel, Ho Iat Seng gives a devastating assessment of Alexis Tam's work.

The government leader speaks of unnecessary spending, which, the Chief Executive says, can be equated to the crime of corruption: "Being wasteful is the biggest crime, that's what I can say. Corruption is not the only crime. Just one of the elements. But being wasteful is also among the biggest crimes."

Ho Iat Seng reminds that, as chairman of the Legislative Assembly, he has repeatedly stated that "wasting resources is a current problem" and that Alexis Tam's tutelage absorbed 35% of the [administration's] annual budget - "at least 30 billion patacas" - and yet was the target of "various complaints from the public," which, to the leader of the Government, turns out to be "a problem."

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