Haddad vs. Bolsonaro: Globo actors in political war

José de Abreu, voter of Haddad, and Regina Duarte, Bolsonaro's supporter, fight on social networks. Broadcaster worried about negative repercussions.

The support of Regina Duarte to Jair Bolsonaro, translated into a visit of the actress to the candidate's apartment, motivated heated reactions in social networks, one of them by José de Abreu, a star linked to TV Globo just like her. Abreu, who is a Fernando Haddad supporter and faithful party member of the PT, said he respected Regina when she supported the presidential candidate Fernando Henrique Cardoso, José Serra and Geraldo Alckmin, all from PSDB, "and therefore from the democratic right." "But supporting a fascist is too much," he concluded.

"Our colleagues, Regina Duarte, be they artists, technicians, gays, lesbians or heterosexuals, we are all terrified by the advent of fascism, no one else works at peace with this threat of darkness over our sensitive souls, it's not possible for a colleague of many years not to respect that," he wrote on Twitter.

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