Haddad and Ciro will challenge Bolsonaro's candidacy

At stake is the purchase of messages against PT by companies favorable to the leader of the polls, a situation that can translate into five crimes

Brazilian companies that support PSL candidate Jair Bolsonaro have been buying packages of messages with material against PT and spreading this content through the Whatsapp application and social networks, a practice that the electoral court prohibited, starting this year, and that extends to donations made by private firms to the campaigns. The contracts, according to Folha de S. Paulo , reach 12 million reais, close to three million euros.

As this donation was not declared, and according to Fernando Haddad, PT's candidate and Bolsonaro's rival in the second round, there is evidence of five crimes. "Criminal organization, slush fund [no campaign expenses declaration], slander, defamation and money laundering", he said. "In any country in the world this would be a scandal of overwhelming proportions, leading up to the impeachment of the candidacy and for the candidate that was in third place to be called to contest the second round," continued the PT candidate.

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