Guinea-Bissau's prime minister denounces coup attempt

Aristides Gomes

Aristides Gomes

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Guinea-Bissau Prime Minister Aristides Gomes denounced Monday night, in a post on his Facebook page, an attempt coup to try to prevent the holding of presidential elections.

"The moment demands from everyone the utmost attention and vigilance because the country is being pushed into a situation of subversion of the constitutional order by people who want at all costs to come to power. A coup d'etat is under preparation in order to interrupt the process of preparing the presidential election on November 24th, "you can read in the publication addressed to Guineans under the heading" urgent. "

According to the prime minister, the act "would lead to the arrest of the prime minister, as well as some ministers" of the government and would be carried out following "actions of vandalism also in preparation for the next few hours".

"Material evidence of the crime's preparations is safely stored to be displayed in due course," said Aristides Gomes.

In the publication, the prime minister also reveals that the perpetrator of those acts "is duly identified unequivocally and his name is Umaro Sissoco Embalo."

Umaro Sissoco Embalo, former Guinean prime minister and leader of the Movement for Democratic Alternation (Madem-G15), is running for the presidential election scheduled for November 24th.

"Notwithstanding these maneuvers that clearly go against the spirit of democracy, we reaffirm our determination to continue to guarantee all the necessary conditions for the presidential elections to take place on the scheduled date", said the Prime Minister, who is currently out of the country, according to a source from his cabinet.

Guinea-Bissau holds presidential elections on November 24th, with the second round, if necessary, scheduled for December 29th.

The electoral campaign, in which 12 candidates approved by the Supreme Court will participate, will run from November 1st to 22nd.