Guinea-Bissau president wants general elections in 2018

Guinea-Bissau President José Mário Vaz

Guinea-Bissau President José Mário Vaz

Regarding the possibility that the elections may not be held on November 18, the Guinean head of state said that he wants the elections to be held this year

Guinea-Bissau President José Mário Vaz said he wants the country's general elections to be held in 2018, and denied accusations that he wanted to postpone the elections to 2019. "That's not true at all. I want elections in accordance with the law," said José Mário Vaz.

José Mário Vaz called for an understanding and a commitment because he must inform the leaders of the Economic Community of West African States of the reasons why November 18 is not a feasible date and present the "internally found solutions." The president has scheduled a meeting for Friday to present proposals to overcome the current situation.