Guaidó ponders accepting US military intervention

Juan Guaidó

Juan Guaidó

  |  Reuters/ Ueslei Marcelino

The President of the National Assembly of Venezuela admits that he overestimated the support of the military and does not exclude the need to accept the help of the North Americans: "We are evaluating all the hypotheses."

Venezuela's opposition leader Juan Gaidó admitted that he overestimated the support of the military and did not cast aside the hypothesis of a US military intervention in the country. Speaking to the Washington Post, Guaidó said that the National Assembly would "probably" approve such intervention "if necessary."

Asked what he would do if Trump's security adviser, John Bolton, called offering military aid, the Speaker of the National Assembly said he would respond: "Dear friend, Ambassador John Bolton, thank you for all the help you have given to our cause. Thanks for the offer, we will evaluate it and it will probably be considered in parliament to solve this crisis. If necessary, we may approve it. "

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