Female Members of Parliament will be forced to wear long skirts and cover their arms

In Kenya, women have been protesting against dress codes

In Kenya, women have been protesting against dress codes

The Kenyan parliament is approving a code to regulate the size and quality of the clothing that female MPs may and may not wear.

The matter, as one might expect, is stirring a strong discussion about African habits and customs, at a time when a Chinese citizen was deported for having compared socialist President Uhuru Kenyatta to a "monkey" in social media.

Kenian female MPs have protested to the presidency of the parliament against the imposition of such a code, which, for the moment is unofficial, but will soon become so, and which prescribes some caution as to the clothing they wear inside the institution's premises.

In essence, female MPs are being "advised" not to wear skirts over the knee or blouses that expose their arms or too much of their breasts, and to take special care regarding the quality of the fabric they choose for their outfits.

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