Evangelical minister is receiving death threats

The future Minister of Women, Family and Human Rights, Damares Alves

The future Minister of Women, Family and Human Rights, Damares Alves

Damares Alves has confirmed that he is being threatened with death but denies the news that she will leave the Bolsonaro government

The evangelical minister of Bolsonaro, responsible for Women, Family and Human Rights portfolio, today granted an interview to Jornal da Manhã of Rádio Jovem Pan, where she confirmed information that she is receiving death threats but denied the news advanced by the magazine "Veja" that she would have resigned from the Bolsonaro administration, claiming fatigue and weakened health after four months in the ministry.

Because of death threats, Damares Alves moved to a hotel in Brasilia. The new address has been kept confidential for security reasons.

In the radio interview, the minister stressed that she is stone and lime in the government. "I'm in the position until the day that President Bolsonaro needs me, understand that I'm useful and until my health stands."

"When I was invited to be a minister, I was already asking for retirement, I was stopping for a process of tiredness, of exhaustion. The problem is not the threats, but the exhausting and tiring process. The moment I stopped, I accepted it. No minister is working less than 15 hours a day in this government. From 15h to 18h each day", added Damares Alves in the interview.