Election monitor shot ten times

Anastácio Matável, the executive director of the Gaza Non-Governmental Organizations Forum (FONGA), was killed inside his car by a criminal gang. One of the suspects has been detained

Anastácio Matável was shot in his car at about 11 am (10 am in Lisbon) and died at the Xai Xai Provincial Hospital (Gaza), according to Mozambican newspaper O País. According to the NGO Sala da Paz, Matável died after being shot ten times, Lusa news agency reported.

Anastácio Matável had left an election monitors training session he had opened himself, and was "followed and shot" by strangers after entering his car.

The group that shot the election monitor escaped in a car that was involved in an accident during the flight. According to O País, one of the suspects has been detained.

At a press conference, Sala da Paz said this was a "barbaric" act and called on "the authorities for a thorough investigation to find the perpetrators." According to the NGO, this was a "heinous crime" and the perpetrators must be punished "in an exemplary manner."

The murder took place during the election campaign and follows the killing of a local politician one week ago. An unknown group shot a neighborhood leader belonging to the Mozambican Liberation Front (FRELIMO, ruling party) in central Manica.

According to the NGO Center for Public Integrity (CIP), 38 people involved in the election process have died since the campaign began on August 31, most of them in car accidents.

12.9 million Mozambican voters will choose the country's president, ten provincial assemblies and their governors, as well as 250 MPs On October 15.

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