CPLP delegation to Equatorial Guinea was postponed at the eleventh hour and is now rescheduled for June

CPLP delegation to Equatorial Guinea was postponed at the eleventh hour and is now rescheduled for June

The CPLP's mission to Guinea- Equatorial has a new date - June 5, 6 and 7 - after the previous one was canceled at the request of that country

"The visit that was to take place on May 8, 9 and 10 in Malabo [capital of Equatorial Guinea] already has a new date: June 5, 6 and 7," said a source of the executive secretariat of the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries (CPLP) to Lusa, adding that the new dates were proposed by the Government of Equatorial Guinea on May 8, when the meetings in Malabo should have started.

According to the Executive Secretariat of the CPLP, the government headed by Teodoro Obiang Mguema Mbasogo justified the cancellation of the technical commission visit, at the last moment, that is to say on the day when some elements were already traveling to that country, because it was "not able to create the conditions for the accomplishment of the mission":

"It didn't look like a political issue to us," he stressed.

The same source said that Equatorial Guinea justified this postponement because the National Assembly of the country had summoned the Government for a debate, which prevented some ministers, who should meet with members of the technical assessment committee of the CPLP, to be available.

The Público newspaper reported on Sunday that the Government of Equatorial Guinea postponed the visit of a technical mission from the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP) to Malabo on the same day that diplomats and experts were preparing to travel to that country.

The mission would be headed by ambassador José Luís Monteiro, from Cape Verde, the country that holds the rotating presidency of the CPLP until 2020. The mission included 18 people, including technicians in the fields of language, heritage, cooperation and legal issues.

But on the eve of the start of the visit, the Equatorial Guinea embassy in Portugal informed the CPLP, whose headquarters is in Lisbon, that the Equato-Guinean authorities gave instructions to postpone the visit, Público reported this weekend.

This is the first global technical mission to assess if Equatorial Guinea is achieving its commitments upon its accession as a Member State of the CPLP in 2014.

For the ambassador of Cape Verde in Portugal, Eurico Monteiro, who is also his country's representative in the CPLP, "it seems like there was no political reason" for the cancellation of the previous meeting. Speaking to Lusa, Eurico Monteiro also stated that "this postponement will allow both parties to prepare better the conditions of the visit, which may yield better results".

According to the Cape Verdean diplomat, the postponement also doesn't prevent the analysis and discussion of the recommendations derived from this visit at the CPLP Foreign Ministers' meeting in Cape Verde in July.