Concerned, CPLP promises to take "clearer" position on Guinea-Bissau

Concerned, CPLP promises to take "clearer" position on Guinea-Bissau

The situation in Guinea-Bissau, with the President removed by Parliament, will lead to a "more current and clarifying" position of the CPLP in the coming days.

With the President of Guinea-Bissau removed from office by the National People's Congress since Thursday, the nine member states of the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries (CPLP) are preparing an " agreed position" on the country. The serious political crisis in Guine is "very worrisome" CPLP, who this time wants to take a " more current and clarifying position ", in the face of recent events, the Cape Verdean ambassador in Lisbon told Eurico and CPLP, Eurico Monteiro. It should be recalled that Cabo Verde currently assures the (rotating) presidency of the CPLP.

"We will take an official position in the coming days. Against this background and in the face of recent events, it was always necessary to make some corrections. There is a growing concern about the situation in Guinea-Bissau. If we were worried a week ago today we have reason to be even more worried. The international community has also taken on this enormous concern. This means that in the coming days several international organizations will take a position on the situation in Guinea-Bissau, "said Eurico Monteiro, who made the remarks at the end of the second technical meeting on mobility in the CPLP.

The political crisis has worsened in Guinea-Bissau since President José Mário Vaz rejected the name of Domingos Simões Pereira, the leader of the African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde (PAIGC) to the post of prime minister on the last day 19, and even asked PAIGC to indicate another name. Last Thursday most of the deputes of the National People's Congress passed a resolution calling for the immediate resignation of the President of the Republic whose term expired on Sunday and his replacement in office by the President of Parliament.

Ambassador Eurico Monteiro recalls Cape Verde's historic ties with Guinea-Bissau, because PAIGC was the movement that organized the struggle for the independence of Portuguese Guinea and Cape Verde. "In Cape Verde we have historical, cultural and fraternity relations with Guinea-Bissau, so we are very touched by the situation in the country. At the CPLP we have made an effort to follow closely, to have representatives in Guinea Bissau participating in all instances, with great activism and seeking to influence the course of events in the positive sense. Unfortunately, it does not seem to us that things have worked out so far. " It is in this sense that the position of the Community should be more "clarifying".

Today, the President of Guinea-Bissau has called on Guineans to preserve peace and freedom before traveling to Nigeria to attend the Economic Community of West African States summit. José Mário Vaz spoke to the press at the Bissau International Airport where he was received by hundreds of supporters and leaders of the Movement for Democratic Alternation (Madem-G15) and the Social Renewal Party (PRS). Upon arrival at the airport, José Mário Vaz ended up getting out of his car and greet the population that was waiting for him.