Premium Chinese president starts a visit to Russia to set strategies with Putin

Vladimir Putin (left) and Xi Jinping

Vladimir Putin (left) and Xi Jinping

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The Chinese President, Xi Jinping, arrives in Moscow today for a visit to Russia, where he will attend the 23rd International Economic Forum and set strategies with his international partner Vladimir Putin, regarding the growing tensions with the United States.

Xi and Putin "will update and strengthen relations", at a time when the international situation presents "unprecedented changes in a century" and suffers from "a major impact of unilateralism," said the Chinese Vice Foreign Minister, ZhangHanhui, quoted by the official Xinhua news agency .

Without referring the trade war between China and the US, Zhang highlighted that relations the between Beijing and Moscow are increasingly "mature, stable and strong" and will be reinforced in this three-day visit.

"This visit will consolidate the political base of Sino-Russian relations, reaffirm their mutual support on issues involving their fundamental concerns and ensure that relations will not be affected by any change in the international situation", he added.

Experts predict that Beijing and Moscow will continue to develop common strategies over Venezuela or North Korea as the trade war with Washington gets worse.

However, Putin may also try to exploit the trade disputes between Beijing and Washington to improve Russia's ability to maneuver in the relations with the two countries.

Xinhua said that the two heads of state should sign a cooperation documents in areas such as agriculture, finance, science and technology, and e-commerce.

The two presidents are also expected to discuss infrastructure projects, such as the bridge that will be connecting Heihe, a border city of the Chinese province of Heilongjiang, with the neighboring Russian city of Blagoveshchensk, allowing for a threefold increase in the current volume of cargo in that area.

Xi will also participate in an event to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations and in the 23rd International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg, where he will present ideas for "sustainable development, the defense of multilateralism and the improvement of global governance for development and prosperity", according to Xinhua.