China wants to strengthen cooperation with Angola through Macau

Li Bin, business man of the Chinese Embassy in Angola

Li Bin, business man of the Chinese Embassy in Angola

The Chinese embassy business chief Li Bin said on Tuesday in Luanda that a new trading platform should be created through Macao to deepen cooperation with Angola.

Speaking to the press on the 20th anniversary of Macao's return to China, the diplomat said that due to cultural similarities and the legal and financial system, as well as Macao's connection with Lusophone countries, it is easier to strengthen investment from both countries.

"We want to have a new cooperation platform. As an example, a delegation from the Macao Monetary Authority was here last year to discuss with the Angolan National Bank prospects for monetary cooperation, "he explained.

According to the Chinese official, as the two States carry a turnover of US $ 10 billion each year, this financial transaction "needs a platform that would increasingly facilitate cooperation and I think Macau would be excellent to fulfill this task ".

"The intention is to bring the Chinese experience, through Macao, so that Angola can welcome whatever is useful in its interest. I also think it is easier for the Angolan businessman to do business with China through Macau, "he said.

Regarding the currency conversion agreement between Angola and China, the diplomat explained that it is still ongoing, as the technicians continue their work, and is waiting for the most appropriate moment to begin its implementation.