China considers EU declaration on violence "criminal"

The Chinese embassy in Paris today called the European Union's statement condemning violence in Hong Kong as "criminal and very dangerous" and affirmed Beijing's "contempt" of European "hypocrisy."

"We express our deep dissatisfaction and deep contempt for the hypocrisy of the European declaration," points out the Chinese embassy through its official Twitter account.

Chinese diplomacy also found that the European Union "publicly glorified the protesters abuses and flagrantly disregarded the self-defense actions taken by the Hong Kong police to defend their lives against the perpetrators."

The message refers to a statement by the Office of Federica Mogherini, the European Union High Representative for Foreign Policy and Security, who considers that dialogue is the "only way" to resolve the crisis in the semi-autonomous region of China.

"The escalating violence and continuing turmoil in Hong Kong, including the use of real ammunition, which has caused critical injuries to at least one person, is very disturbing," reads the statement issued last week by the EU.

"The European Union maintains its position that restraint, reduced escalation and dialogue are the only way. Today, they are increasingly needed, and they provide the only basis for a lasting solution."

The announcement underlines that fundamental freedoms, including the right of assembly of Hong Kong citizens, must be maintained and the possibility of peaceful demonstrations ensured.

"These rights must be exercised peacefully. Any violence is unacceptable, and any action by the security authorities must remain strictly proportional," the text goes on.

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