China announces new era in relationship with Africa

China announces new era in relationship with Africa

Jornal de Angola

The eighth edition of the China-Africa Research Centers Forum began yesterday at the Diaoyutai state complex in Beijing, China. The meeting's agenda is marked by the announcement of a new era in the relationship between the African continent and the Asian giant.

The new phase will be marked by closer relations between African and Chinese universities with the aim of strengthening mutual knowledge and improving cooperation between the two parties. Media outlets have also been called upon to join in this effort against what the Chinese and some Africans call "disinformation campaigns originating in Western countries."

The forum was opened by China's Deputy Foreign Minister Chen Xiaodong, who called for a new "status in relations between China and the African continent, with greater involvement of universities and research hubs."
"We further advocate greater engagement on the part of Chinese and African media outlets to counteract the negative stories and campaigns that are published about the relationship between the two parties," the Chinese official said.

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