Chasing the hackers

Chasing the hackers

The FP are chasing the criminals who hacked the messages between former judge Sergio Moro and several Car Wash prosecutors

Clues are being followed in Brazil and abroad, and the Federal Police believe they are about to locate the leaders of the group. Ever since The Intercept Brazil revealed the first private messages exchanged between Justice Minister Sergio Moro and several Operation Car Wash prosecutors, Brazil has been following the disclosure, in homeopathic doses, of those messages - obtained through the hacking of cellphones belonging to Brazilian authorities.

The embarrassment that fell on Operation Car Wash prosecutors and the former judge - who has become a symbol of the fight against corruption in the country - might be transferred to other parties soon. The Federal Police (FP) are planning a resounding reaction to what they claim to be an orchestrated attack perpetrated by high-caliber criminals. Under the coordination of Director General Mauricio Valeixo, the FP believes they are about to locate the hackers who breached the privacy of the prosecutors and exposed the secrets behind Operation Car Wash.

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