Chamber of commerce wants visa-free travel in Lusophone Africa Spencer Lima, from the Sotavento's Chamber of Commerce

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Mobility among Portuguese-Speaking countries is high on the agenda of a chamber of commerce in Cape Verde and will be on the table at the CPLP summit to be held on July 17 and 18, in Cape Verde.

"For entrepreneurs, mobility is one of the most important issues at CPLP. There can be no commercial relations between countries if their citizens cannot travel," the president of the Sotavento Chamber of Commerce (CCS), Jorge Spencer Lima, said, speaking on the sidelines of the chamber's general assembly, which took place on Monday, June 18. He also told the media that were quoted by newspapers Expresso das Ilhas and Jornal Económico, both from Cape Verde, that this "travel barrier" must end.

He added that, to overcome these barriers, CCS has already submitted three proposals for the summit of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP), which will take place in July 17-18 on Cape Verde's island of Sal. He further noted that, in the African Portuguese-speaking countries (PALOP), a visa exemption deal is "on the table". "We hope that this visa abolition agreement between the Portuguese-speaking countries of Africa, including Equatorial Guinea, can be signed in the island of Sal, next July," Jorge Spencer Lima said.

The summit will also be the forum where CCS will present to the countries of the African subregion the "Cape Verde maritime blueprint". The project is expected to be operational next year, the association leader stated. According to Jorge Spencer Lima, the feasibility study of the project is now ready and is in the financing phase, and a group of shareholders is being created among the different countries.