Cape Verde's president visited expat community in Seixal

Jorge Carlos Fonseca

Jorge Carlos Fonseca

Jorge Carlos Fonseca visited the Cape Verdean community in Seixal (Setúbal) to strengthen the "sense of belonging" to the country

Cape Verde's president met with the Cape Verdean community today in Seixal (Setúbal) to learn more about their living conditions and strengthen their "sense of belonging" to the country.

"In a system such as ours, one of the President's duties is to represent the Cape Verdean nation anywhere in the world. We have more people living abroad than in the country itself, and, therefore, knowing their problems and their demands, but also contributing to strengthening national cohesion and the feeling of belonging to Cape Verde, is very important for a country that is an archipelago," Jorge Carlos Fonseca told reporters.

The statements were made at the Cape Verdean Association in Seixal, where Jorge Carlos Fonseca met with the country's diaspora to learn more about their problems and living conditions.

"I had an idea of the problems, but by getting in touch with people it is possible to get a better understanding. For example, I met a native of Santa Catarina who has been here for a long time and is the founder of this association. He told me that Seixal City Hall has been very helpful and that they are very well integrated.

Prior to this interaction with the community, Jorge Carlos Fonseca visited Seixal City Hall, where mayor Joaquim Santos (CDU) provided him with information on the Cape Verdean population living in the municipality, such as their location, how many have Portuguese nationality, and data pertaining to education, schooling and healthcare access.

Jorge Carlos Fonseca also said that he and Joaquim Santos discussed the recent events in Jamaica, a slum located in Seixal. He said he is following the situation, but pointed out that the slum is mostly inhabited by people "from Sao Tome and Principe, Guinea-Bissau and Angola," and that there are not many Cape Verdeans living there.

In fact, Cape Verde's president had mentioned that his visit to Seixal was not related to the clashes between police officers and Jamaica residents in January, saying it was a "coincidence."

Jorge Carlos Ferreira will meet today with Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, with whom he will discuss issues of interest to both countries.

On Monday, acting as president of the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries (CPLP), Jorge Carlos Fonseca will meet with the organization's Executive Secretary Francisco Ribeiro Telles and with all the permanent representatives of the CPLP at its headquarters in Lisbon.

On Tuesday, he will deliver the inaugural speech at the literary event Correntes de Escrita in Póvoa do Varzim, where he will also present his book 'A Sedutora Tinta das Minhas Noites' (My Nights' Seductive Inks') - the first of the 40 books that will be presented at the event.