Bolsonaro's strategy for the second round won't be "Jairzinho paz e amor"

Bolsonaro's strategy for the second round won't be "Jairzinho paz e amor"

The day after the elections, the candidate assured to the radio that he will not change to attract voters from the center: "Look, I can't turn into Jairzinho peace and love"

The day after the elections, Bolsonaro gave an interview to a radio, where he spoke about the strategy he will adopt for the second round of the presidential elections. He was asked if he wanted to say something to the center voters.

"Look, I can't turn into the Jairzinho peace and love. I have to remain the same person", replied the far-right candidate.

Jair Bolsonaro also said that he has already been misunderstood for his "jokes" and that now he will not repeat this behavior.

"I joked and it went wrong [...] I don't play these games anymore because they are taken badly, as if I were the enemy of women", he said, according to the Brazilian news portal G1.

The Social Liberal Party (PSL) candidate also said he did not want to enter into LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) discussions and, once again, said that the family is the union between a man and a woman according to the Constitution.

Bolsonaro was able to earn 46% of the votes in Sunday's election. In the interview, the candidate said he still believed that the "majority of gays" voted for him.

Candidates Jair Bolsonaro and Fernando Haddad will face each other in the second round of the Brazilian presidential elections on the 28th of this month, each having obtained 46% and 29% of the votes, respectively.