Bolsonaro travels with Michelle to the USA and will be distinguished in Dallas

Jair Bolsonaro, always accompanied by his wife Michelle Bolsonaro, during his inauguration on January

Jair Bolsonaro, always accompanied by his wife Michelle Bolsonaro, during his inauguration on January 1, 2019, in Brasília

The President of Brazil will receive the Person of The Year award, from the Brazil-US Chamber of Commerce. After New York has rejected taking part on the homage, it will happen in Dallas

Bolsonaro and his wife depart today from Brasilia to the United States at 11:00 p.m. Michelle Bolsonaro decided to accompany her husband on the trip to the United States to receive the "Person of the Year" tribute from the Brazil-US Chamber of Commerce, Otávio Rêgo Barros, spokesman for the Brazilian Presidency, confirmed yesterday to the UOL site. After several localities in New York rejected hosting the homage to the Brazilian President, and Bolsonaro exchanged biting comments with the Big Apple mayor , Democrat Bill de Blasio, Texas turned out to be the chosen state for this second visit of the Brazilian Head of State to the United States and the city of Dallas the stage for the homage.

Dallas, in the heart of the Texan state, is a conservative city where new fortunes come from oil. The city where the US President John F. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963.

The ceremony where the delivery of the prize will happen will take place on Thursday, around 12 noon, at lunch. The Brazilian President will give an interview after receiving the award to the entity that honors him, the Brazil-US Chamber of Commerce, and then make a live broadcast on social networks.

According to the UOL spokesman, the presidential couple's commitments are still subject to change but Michelle will have at least one private meeting in Texas. The president's first appointment will be a meeting with the Ex-president George W. Bush, but there will also be meetings with Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, and with the Dallas Mayor, Mike Rawlings.

On Wednesday, at 8:40 am (local time), Bolsonaro will be welcomed by Ambassador José Borges dos Santos, Brazil's Consul General in Houston, Texas. From there, the entourage goes to the hotel.

After a private lunch, Bolsonaro will meet with Bush on Wednesday at 3 pm in the former president's private office, while Michelle will go on to another undisclosed engagement. On the 15th, Bolsonaro will also have a dinner.

The high point will be on Thursday with the homage. Bolsonaro and his wife are expected to return to Brasilia around 8:00 pm on Thursday morning.