Bolivia to have new elections in January, says incoming interim president

Evo Morales called new elections on Sunday (Nov 10)

Evo Morales called new elections on Sunday (Nov 10)

  |  EPA

Senator Jeanine Añez - Bolivia's incoming interim president after Evo Morales' resignation, as per constitutional provisions - said on Monday she will call elections and that "on January 22 we will already have a president-elect."

Jeanine Añez, the second vice president of the Senate - who will be appointed interim president following the resignation of all those who preceded her in the line of succession - told reporters outside the Legislative Assembly in La Paz that "we will call elections with trustworthy figures who can conduct an electoral process that reflects the desire and sentiment of all Bolivians." The resignation of Evo Morales, who called opposition leaders "racist" and the recent events in Bolivia "a coup," left a power vacuum after three weeks of protests sparked by an allegedly rigged election in which the country's first indigenous president was supposedly trying to perpetuate himself in power.

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