Azeredo Lopes accused of denial of justice in the case of the robbery of Tancos

Azeredo Lopes will be involved for having hindered the discovery of the truth. At issue will be crimes of denial of justice and malfeasance.

Accusation falls in the middle of the election campaign for the legislative elections on the 6th. In a process that has been a great imbroglio like that of Tancos, the Public Prosecution seems to have decided to have some clarity regarding Azeredo Lopes. The former defense minister will be accused in the process that began as the weapons theft of military storerooms and ended with a fake "discovery" gimmick. The process has two parts - that of the robbery itself and that of the ploy. The prosecution will involve, as DN learns, the idea that Azeredo knew what the Military Judicial Police was engendering, in the latter case - and that he was aware that PJM was working in absentia from PJ's official investigation.

Azeredo Lopes had been acquitted by the parliamentary committee of inquiry - which ruled out any blame on his part, but the Public Prosecution considered that the former minister can be accused of crimes of denial of justice and prevarication. Incidentally, Azeredo's conduct in allowing the collusion between PJM, GNR and the robbers themselves would have hindered the discovery of what had happened in the robbery done by drug and weapons traffickers. The minister's obligation was, when he learned that the Military Judicial Police (PJM) was conducting a parallel investigation with the MP, to denounce the plot and prevent it. The MP will have had information about this with testimonials and documentary evidence that were gathered.

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