Armed attacks raise concern in neighboring countries

Armed attacks raise concern in neighboring countries

Armed attacks by Islamist groups are a source of serious concern for authorities in Mozambique and neighboring states such as Tanzania, Kenya and Somalia

Last week, Tanzanian police announced the arrest of 104 individuals allegedly linked to these groups, who, according to Dar Es-Salam authorities, intended to establish bases in the Mozambican province of Cabo Delgado, northern Mozambique.

The General Inspector of Tanzania Police, Simon Sirro, has confirmed what has been reported by law enforcement officials in Mozambique regarding an intensive exchange of information with neighboring countries to combat such groups.
According to this information, the armed attacks have already killed nearly 100 people and destroyed public and private property. Mozambican government authorities call on the population for greater vigilance and to report the presence of strangers in the communities.
Mozambican police announced that, of the approximately 200 individuals currently on trial accused of participating in the attacks, 29 are Tanzanians. Mozambique and Tanzania share a long border. Simon Sirro said the groups intend to establish its bases in Mozambique.

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