António Costa speaks with DN. Angola, a Portuguese interest

Two countries that do not export refugees will be in Luanda. The most important problem in Europe and Africa will be discussed between two Portuguese-speaking nations. António Costa in his DN interview

The first visit of a Portuguese prime minister since 2011 and an optimistic package to discuss cooperation. António Costa, a pragmatist, likes the pragmatic João Lourenço. During last year, the meetings between the highest Portuguese and Angolan officials were intense. Relations continued, of course. But the Manuel Vicente affair was unsettling. João Lourenço said that this "irritant" situation (word used by Costa and replicated by the new Angolan MNE, Manuel Augusto) would result in work but not brandy. The work continued (in addition to the meetings mentioned in the interview given by António Costa, it is worth recalling Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa's presence when João Lourenço took office, and the arrival of the Angolan First Lady, Ana Dias Lourenço, to Belém), but there would be no brandy - nor would the Portuguese head of government go to Luanda or the Angolan PR to Lisbon. When the Manuel Vicente case was solved - essentially, the Portuguese Public Ministry recognized the obvious: that the Angolan Justice was competent - the problems seized. And, tomorrow, António Costa will land in Luanda. The conversation with DN, the only interview that the prime minister agreed to have with a Portuguese newspaper, focused on this: Angola is important for Portugal and the more important Angola is, the better for Portugal. The recipe is clear. So much the better being pragmatic when applying it.

Costa arrives tomorrow at Angola and President João Lourenço comes to Portugal in November. On Twitter, he said that this is "an auspicious moment". And President Marcelo called the current Luso-Angolan relations "frankly good". Is this the state of affairs?

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