Angola's foreign minister asks Portugal for further support against corruption

Santos Silva e Manuel Augusto

Santos Silva e Manuel Augusto

  |  Vigas da Purificação/Edições Novembro

Angola's foreign minister, Manuel Augusto, on Monday said that he had a morning meeting with Portugal"s president to thank him for his support in the fight against corruption and reforms.

"I thanked the president, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, and also asked that Portugal continues to support Angola in these reforms and this fight because it will benefit Angola in the first instance, but also all its partners, including Portugal".

Speaking on the sidelines of his speech at the Diplomatic Seminar, which is taking place on Monday and Tuesday at the Museu do Oriente in Lisbon, Manuel Augusto added, on Portugal's support for the fight against corruption in Angola: "We have every reason to be satisfied with the role that Portugal has played in this crucial phase of our political, economic and social development."

Asked what specific support Portugal has been giving and what he expects from now on, he quoted the judicial cooperation between institutions and recalled the United Kingdom's action, which has made it possible to recover $500 million (€447 million) extraordinarily.

The international community, he argued, is all action on the side of the Angolan government in this struggle, naturally, not only for philanthropic reasons but because Angola can be an important partner so, it is in the community's interest to be a transparent partner, where the business environment corresponds to international standards.

This phase of the fight against corruption, he stressed, is fundamental.

"To be able to guarantee a good future for everyone, including our partners, we need to win this fight and we are determined to do so, and it will be easier if we continue to count on the support of friendly countries like Portugal," he said.