Angola to be the first PALOP country to join the G20 initiative for Africa

Angela Merkel's visit to Luanda resulted in the promise that Angola will join the G20's Africa initiative in the near future and in the signing of several agreements in important bilateral cooperation areas.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced this Friday that Angola is in the process of becoming the thirteenth country to join Compact with Africa. Merkel further said she is happy with the strengthening of bilateral relations with Angola, with which she wants to build "a special partnership."

"We already have twelve member states, and I think Angola will be the thirteenth country to join Compact with Africa," Merkel told reporters after meeting with Angolan President João Lourenço, as part of her short visit to Luanda.

Compact with Africa, an initiative launched during the German presidency of the G20 in March 2017, aims to promote private investment in Africa, especially in infrastructure.

After his meeting with Merkel, João Lourenço challenged Germany to invest in transport, energy and agriculture, among others, arguing that Angola is now a private investment-friendly country.

A "productive" visit

João Lourenço stressed that both countries are interested in intensifying their business and economic relations.

The Angolan president said that "although short," the German chancellor's visit was "highly productive." And he listed some of the agreements that are being prepared in sectors such as mineral and oil resources, air transport, and energy. Likewise, Lourenço pointed out that commercial agreements are being prepared "for a light rail system in Luanda," the "construction of hospital units," and the creation of "a high-safety mint and document factory."

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